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Manly Movies

I love the Bourne movies. Bourne is so competent. Bourne is never caught off guard. He is always one step ahead of the bad guys. He knows what they are going to do before they do. He does the bad acts they do better than they do and these are not ordinary bad guys. The bad guys are all CIA-trained killers. Let’s face it, so is Bourne. The CIA trained him too. They know what he knows and yet he out thinks them. 
First there is the car chase scene. Bourne’s car inflicts great damage on everything. How long can a car go on, smashing every parked car on the streets of Moscow, every hut in Goa India, every casino in Las Vegas, and yet his car keeps on running. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The bad guys crash their cars, and the cars stop running. But then, there always seem to be another set of bad guys in yet another car to give chase. That are just not up to Bourne’s demolition derby talents.
And the fighting, just too much. Bourne always encounters bad guys and he fights them. So…