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It's raining men

An odd thing happened in the office. I was waiting by the elevator to go home when the lady I was waiting with asked, why are men so interested in how many men a woman sleeps with?

I don't think she meant to ask this. My guess: Her new boyfriend asked this question and it was plaguing her mind so she sort of blurted it out. Now, I have known the lady for many years. We have worked together on some projects so we are not strangers. Nor are we that kind of friends.

My answer was a shrug, I don't know, and that closed the conversation.

But I do have a vague idea that I did not share with her. I think the question is a remnant of evolution. It's simple. Men spread their seed around with as many women as they can while women are more selective who they accept. We all understand the reasons for this gender behavior. But, in our modern civilization, women can be as un-selective as they want. 

Do you see a paradox here? Her boyfriend was attempting to determine how selective she was …