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Note: The magnificent artwork shown here is by Michael H. Fusco and is available for purchase at

I am stuck in a traffic jam on the highway next to an eighteen-wheeler and nothing to do. So what do I do? I count the number of wheels on the truck. Well guess what, it really has eighteen wheels. My car has four wheels. 

So what, animals have four legs. 

If you are out on the grassland and a lion with four legs comes by and you are a deer with four legs, chances are the lion can run as fast as you. So why don't deer have six legs? That should allow them to outrun the lion. 

Then again, if deer are outrunning the lion and the lion cannot catch them, the lion would starve to death. So then why don't lions have six legs so they can run down the deer? Six-legged lion chasing down six-legged deer is the same as four-legged lion chasing down four-legged deer. Silly me! 

Hmmm, humans have two legs, lions have four legs. That must meant that'…