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Friend or Foe

The world seems to be in a bad place right now. Everywhere, folks are intolerant of each other and are getting on each other's nerves. I think it is intentionally done by some people, who think they can enhance themselves by making other folks hate each other. 

I have the same sort of thing going on in my family. Believe it or not, some of my family members do not like each other. Some of us would not have ever chosen some relatives as friends. Yet, when we get together at family gatherings, we manage to tolerate each other and somehow get along, at least for the day. We are family and we are stuck with each other. There is no escape. In short, we make it work despite our true feelings.

If we can do this at family gatherings, why can't we do this with folks who are not family, with strangers?

I have heard excuses like tribalism - I belong here and you do not, so that gives me permission to treat you badly. Just crap. 

Tribalism is what we say it is:
If we say it's only my fami…