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Poem: My Precious

My Precious

Made a vow to find you if ever lost, no matter how steep the cost.
Watched your value grow, sharing years of wins and woes.
Object of my affection, went in your own direction.
My very beloved rock, your loss gave me quite the shock.
Despite my earnest effort, shame we exist separate.
You are most precious, rare gift I solemnly treasure.
Also, girl's best friend, for happiness you lend.
In this material world, held high are diamonds and pearls.
Displayed for the world to see, found your greatest admirer in me.
Drew the best out of me, counterpart, pity to witness you depart.
My pining is steadily persisting, melancholy, since you went missing.
There's a void where you should be - right here, in my company.

A Greater Union

A quickie post for Labor Day.

Let's start with, I am in favor of unions. Unions are needed to offset corporate power.

Now when unions are mentioned, many folks think, oh no don't like them or have nothing good to say about them. They are thinking labor unions. What they fail to see is that there are all kinds of unions.

Let's start with the biggest and the most obvious, corporations. Every corporation is a union Think about it. A corporation is a union of investors (shareholders) who get together to make some money. But they don't want to be called a union.

Unions do not stop there. Any organization that has Association or Group in its name is a union. The organization gathered people together for some purpose that benefits themselves. 

The American Medical Association (AMA) comes to mind. A union of doctors. In some places, I suspect that the AMA sets doctors' working conditions -- except the AMA calls it Medical Care Standards. How like a labor union.

Countries do it…

Eating Walmart for lunch

Many years ago, I wrote How to successfully fail without trying. It was a tongue-in-cheek post but had much truth. In it, Woolworth, one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, went out of business. Basically, Walmart did what Woolworth was doing, only better.

Well guess what? Walmart, one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, now risks going down the Woolworth path.

Amazon is eating up Walmart. I am reminded of the saying, When the strong have preyed on the weak and all the weak are gone, the strong will prey on each other.

The solution I posed in How to successfully fail without tryingwas for Woolworth to emulate Walmart. Woolworth tried this and they failed. Now it's Walmart's turn to try emulating Amazon.

Let me tell you, Amazon is not sitting still waiting for Walmart to catch them. Amazon keeps improving.  For instance, Amazon has established package return centers.

The worst part of online ordering is returning your unwanted item - y…

The Facebook Elections

Some years back, I wrote a post called, Walmart for Senator.  Well, turns out that Walmart never ran for senator.  Do you know why?  Because Walmart was replaced by Facebook.

Four years ago, Facebook had no thoughts of politics.  But the world has changed for them in three important ways:
First, the US Government, through various agencies, investigated and revealed that the Russians interfered in the US Elections.  The tool the Russians used was Facebook.Then Trump was elected president.  He started attacking Facebook about how they blocked all the good news about himself and promoted all the bad news about himself.  Trump called it, Fake News.Lastly, Facebook was called to testify before Congress.  Facebook went to school on politics. Facebook hired lawyers and lobbyists (former congressional aides) to teach them. There is one more item but it has just gotten started so I cannot yet tell how much influence it …

China goes to the movies

The other evening, I was rummaging in Netflix for something interesting to watch and I stumbled on Marshall, a biopic of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.
I watched the first fifteen minutes or so of it. The film is very well done and featured notable black actors other than Denzel Washington. I got to wondering, who paid for this? Wikipedia tells me Marshall was financed by Superhero Films Ltd., a Chinese company. 

Why does a Chinese company pay for a film on a historical black person?
My first though was, capitalism, invest some money, make some money, a great American ideal. Wikipedia tells me the budget was twelve million dollars but the film took in ten million. It lost money. Not good.
My second thought was, this is a Chinese company and maybe capitalism (profit) is not the reason. In China, the government controls everything. Profit is not the main goal but political control is. So the Chinese government goes to the management of Superhero Films Ltd. and tells them to put u…